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Fuselage module under construction for an Indian Kolkata- class destroyer
Swimming in a part of the bridge
KZ8A double locomotive
International space station ISS

Under section design is meant a construction method for the assembly of prefabricated modules (these sections) into a substantially larger and more complex product. The term is used in industrial shipbuilding ; The process itself is also used in machine , house and bridge construction as well as in aircraft production and for modular space stations . In the case of locomotives , this means the fixed coupling of several locomotive modules , which therefore do not require a driver's cab at their coupling point .


In modern steel shipbuilding, the assembly of the individual components of the hull is divided into the construction of individual sections. At the beginning, the individual plates and steel profile parts are cut out, marked and, in the case of curved components such as outer skin plates and ribs, bent to size using hydraulic presses. In the pre-assembly halls, the prepared individual parts are welded into the relatively small flat sections, outer skin shells and raised floor sections. These are also put together in assembly halls to form so-called volume or block sections. Depending on the layout of the shipyard, the volume sections are assembled on the slipway or in the building dock to form the actual hull. The laying out of the first section is also the laying of the keel . The construction dock and slipway are required considerably shorter than with conventional shipbuilding due to the section building process. The finished hull is finally released or undocked after the ship is christened.

In 1944 and 1945, the German Navy had two new, modern types of submarines built. The construction of the submarine classes XXI and XXIII took place for the first time for submarines in section construction. The first of these boats came into service shortly before the end of the war. For the Type XXI steel construction, two months instead of the previous five months, and four instead of ten months for the construction of sections.


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