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motto The energy of understanding
description Introduction to HTML , CSS and other web technologies
languages German
owner SELFHTML e. V.
status active

Selfhtml ( spelling : SELFHTML ) is online documentation that deals with the various aspects of web design .

It is particularly popular in German-speaking countries . Translations into French, English, Spanish and Japanese were also temporarily available. The sponsoring association has members from various European countries. The documentation is published free of charge on the Internet. In addition to technical documentation and support for anyone who wants to publish content on the web independently (SELFHTML's motto is: "The energy of understanding"), web standards and topics such as accessibility or the semantic web are promoted.


Initiated in 1995 and initially built up exclusively by Stefan Münz , the project had been in the hands of a development team since 2005, which was planning serious changes in the distribution and creation of the documentation. A conversion of the project into a wiki based on the MediaWiki software also used by Wikipedia, which was tested at the end of 2006 , turned out to be unsuitable, according to the editors.

In January 2007, Stefan Münz left the project. The reason was discrepancies regarding the planned changeover to a wiki concept. Stefan Münz founded a new forum and a wiki. The work on the documentation was continued by the remaining developers. While version 9 was already being worked on in the background, the last static version was released in March 2007 with 8.1.2.

Since work on the planned version 9.0 progressed too slowly over the next three years, the Wiki approach, which had originally been rejected, was reactivated in 2010. On March 14, 2010 the SELFHTML Wiki went online, in which SELFHTML will be continued in the future. MediaWiki is used as software, the content is under the Creative Commons license CC-BY-SA. On April 20, 2015, the outdated documentation was finally switched off.

Documentation content

The project is intended both as an introduction and as a reference work.


The markup languages HTML , XML and SVG , the layout languages CSS and XSL , the scripting languages JavaScript and Perl are discussed . A source code example is shown for each topic , which can be viewed or changed yourself. This is followed by an explanation of the example.

In addition to the documentation of the various techniques, practical aspects are covered, including a. the configuration of a web server , legal aspects of web authoring or the basics of creating web graphics.

Reference book

There are detailed references to HTML, SVG and CSS, a quick index as a keyword and syntax directory, a search function and various "little helpers". For beginners there are guided tours or ready-made layouts, which can be used as starting points for their own projects. There are also almost 130 further articles from application and practice.

Further branches of the project

In addition to the SELFHTML documentation and the SELFHTML forum with an attached collection of quotes, there is also a blog .


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