Sexual Criminal Law

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The sexual criminal law includes penal provisions for behaviors related to sexuality . According to the Western view, sexual criminal law serves in particular to protect individual sexual self-determination . Due to the change in sexual morality, sexual criminal law is also subject to change. In the past, sex criminal law essentially served to protect public morality (morality offenses ), the social order , the honor of the family and marriage . The idea can still be found especially outside of the western cultural area.


European Law

In the area of ​​sexual criminal law, guidelines and framework resolutions are also playing an ever greater role under constitutional law. The Council framework decision 2004/68 / JHA of 22 December 2003, which is currently being revised by a directive, should be mentioned.


German criminal law regulates sexual criminal law exclusively in the Criminal Code (StGB). The facts are summarized there in Section 13 ( Sections 174 to 184i StGB).


The most important sexual offenses can be found in Section 10 Offenses against sexual integrity and self-determination  (§§ 201–220b) of the Criminal Code  (StGB).


The most important sexual offenses can be found in the chapter “ Offenses against sexual integrity ” (Art. 187–200) of the Criminal Code  (StGB).


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Individual evidence

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