Shimun XXII.

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Mar Shimun XXII. Polos or Schimun (* 1885 in Qudschanis ; † May 9, 1920 in Baquba ) was a Catholicos - patriarch of the autocephalous East Syrian "Church of the East" .

After the violent death of the Catholicos patriarch Mar Shimun XXI. Benyamin on (3) March 16, 1918 was his younger brother Polos as his successor. He was elected on (11th) 23rd March in Salamas and on (14th) 29th April 1918 in St. Mary's Church in Urmia (Iran) by Metropolitan Mar Eskhaq Khnanisho IX. (1884–1918) and the bishops Mar Eliya Abuna of Alqosh (1862–1955, Catholic from 1921), Mar Yosip Khnanisho (1914–1977) and Mar Zaya Sargis of Jilu († 1951). The Assyrian military situation soon became hopeless. Shimun XXII fled for fear of Turks , Kurds and Iranians . with his people, around 60,000 people, from Urmia to Iraq on August 20, 1918, in order to submit to the protection of the British. About 15,000 died along the way. The survivors were interned in the Baquba camp , about 50 km north of Baghdad . Shimun XXII, who was ill with tuberculosis, was interned. Spent in April 1919 to rest in the Syrian Orthodox monastery Mor Mattai near Mosul . After his untimely death on (April 27) May 9, 1920, he was buried in the Armenian cemetery in Baghdad. The entire episcopate of the autocephalous "Church of the East" at that time consisted of only four bishops: Mar Yosip Khnanisho X. of Rustaqa, Mar Zaya Sargis of Jilu, Mar Yalda Yahballaha of Barwar († 1951) and Mar Abimalek Timotheus of Malabar ( South India).

He was succeeded by Polos Shimun's underage nephew Mar Shimun XXIII. Eshai.


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