Sikyon (King)

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Sikyon ( Greek  Σικυών ), the son of Marathon , was the brother of Corinthos and King of Sicyon in Greek mythology .

Two traditions tell of Sikyon's accession to the throne. The first says that after the death of Epopeus , the father of Marathon, he divided the empire between his two sons, Sikyon receiving Aigialaia, which was later named Sikyon after him.

The second reports that there was a war between Lamedon , the then king of Sicyon, and the sons of Achaius , Archandros and Architeles. Sikyon supported him and received Zeuxippe , the daughter of the Lamedon, as his wife. With her he fathered a daughter Chthonophyle . After the Lamedon's death, he came to rule the country.

Eusebius of Caesarea attributes 45 years of reign to Sicyon.


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predecessor Office successor
Lamedon King of Sikyon
14th century BC BC
(mythical chronology)