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Lamedon ( Gr. Λαμέδων), the son of Koronos , was the younger brother of the Korax in Greek mythology . After the death of Epopeus he ascended the throne of Sikyon and handed Antiope , who was staying with Epopeus, to Lycus , the king of Thebes , thus preventing a dispute with him.

Lamedon married Pheno, the daughter of Clytios , from Athens and fathered Zeuxippe with her . When it came to war with Archandros and Architeles, the sons of Achaios , Sikyon from Attica supported him. Sikyon married Zeuxippe and after the death of Lamedon came to rule over the country.

Eusebius of Caesarea attributes 40 years of reign to Lamedon.


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predecessor Office successor
Epopeus King of Sikyon
15th century BC BC
(mythical chronology)