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General information
Genre (s) Powermetal
founding 2005
Founding members
"Marcus T. Marcello" (Marcus Rogalski) (until 2008)
"Chris Alexander" (Christoph Alexander Schmitt)
Daniel Saffer
"Dodo" Schmitt (Christina Dorotheé Schmitt)
Uli Holzermer
" Simon Michael " (Simon Michael Schmitt)
Current occupation
Tommy Klossek (since 2012)
Chris Alexander
Daniel Saffer
"Dodo" Schmitt
Uli Holzermer
Simon Michael
former members
"Ecki Singer" (Johannes Eckendörfer) (2008-2011)

Silverlane is a power metal group from Forchheim . There are also clear tendencies towards Gothic Metal in the group's music .


The beginnings of the band go back to 1995. The brothers Christoph and Simon Schmitt founded the band The Rising Force together with their school friend Daniel Saffer . In 1997 Dorotheé Schmitt, Christoph and Simon's sister, joined them on the keyboard . At first, the band appeared as a cover band at various events before the decision was made to only play their own titles. Three recordings were released under the name The Rising Force : Dark Forces (1998), Memories (2000) and My Way to Keah (2001). On the latter, Marcus T. Marcello can already be heard as a singer. In 2003 Uli Holzermer joined the band as a guitarist and completed the line-up at the time.

In 2005 the name was changed to Silverlane. In the same year, drummer Simon Michael joined Subway to Sally and has since played in both bands at the same time. Also in 2005, the first Silverlane album Legends of Safar was released in self-distribution. In 2008 Silverlane signed a record deal with Drakkar Entertainment and released the album My Inner Demon in spring 2009 . During the production of this album, Marcus T. Marcello was replaced by Ecki Singer on vocals. A few days before the release, Silverlane embarked on a Germany tour with the Finnish band Lordi .

In autumn 2010, Above the Others was the third album by the band. In May 2011 Ecki Singer left the band for personal reasons. A performance at the Rock Harz Open Air in the same year was therefore played with auxiliary singer Tommy Klossek, who is now a permanent member of the cast.

useful information

In addition to the official version of My Inner Demon sung by Ecki Singer, there is also an unmastered version of the album sung by ex-singer Marcus T. Marcello. This was originally sent to record labels as a demo version, but was never officially released. Nevertheless, it was distributed via file sharing sites on the Internet. In addition, this demo version was provided with a different artwork.


  • Dark Forces (1998; self-distributed), as "The Rising Force"
  • Memories (2000; self-distribution), as "The Rising Force"
  • My Way to Keah (2001; self-distributed), as "The Rising Force"
  • Legends of Safar (2005; self-distributed)
  • My Inner Demon (2009; Drakkar Entertainment)
  • Above The Others (2010; Drakkar Entertainment)

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