Silvius (son of Aeneas)

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Silvius (also Postumius Silvius ) was the son of Aeneas and Lavinia and second king of Alba Longa in Roman mythology .

His father is either very old or already dead when he is born, so that he cannot protect the pregnant Lavinia from the stalking of Ascanius , the older brother of Silvius and King of Alba Longa. Lavinia therefore flees into the woods and gives birth to Silvius there. Its name is derived from Diodor von Silva , the Latin name for forest (mountains), as Silvius was born and grew up in one of these. After the death of Iulus, Silvius prevails in a popular election against Iulius, the son of Ascanius, and becomes the second king of Alba Longa. In another tradition, Silvius is the son of Iulus / Ascanius.

He rules for 29 years. If one uses the reigns given by Dionysius of Halicarnassus with a back calculation from the traditional year of the founding of Rome, this corresponds to the years 1141 to 1112 BC. Chr.

As his successor in ancient literature either his son Aeneas Silvius , or - in Ovid and the Origo gentis Romanae - Latinus Silvius .

All kings from Alba Longa to Silvius had "Silvius" as a nickname.



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predecessor Office successor
Ascanius King of Alba Longa
1141 to 1112 BC Chr.
Aeneas Silvius