Sinaida Bestayeva

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Sinaida Bestajewa ( Ossetian / Russian Зинаида Бестаева , Georgian ზინაიდა ბესტაევა ; * 1967 in Tskhinvali , South Ossetian Autonomous Region , GSSR ) is a Georgian politician. From December 2004 to January 2008 she was Minister of State for Civil Integration in Georgia.


Sinaida Bestajewa graduated from high school N 7 in Tskhinvali in 1984 and took courses in accounting in light industry. From 1985 she studied at the Agricultural Institute in Ryazan . After graduating, she worked as a secretary of the tourist station of the Transcaucasian Military District in Bakuriani .

In 1991 she left Georgia and lived in North Ossetia . In 1996 she became a social worker there for the Children's Foundation of the UN High Commissioner for Refugee Issues. From 2001 to 2004 she worked for the Georgian immigration office. In August 2004 she became Deputy Minister of State responsible for regional policy, local self-government and liaison with local government. In December 2004 she was appointed Minister of State for Civil Integration of Georgia. On January 31, 2008, she was not accepted into the cabinet of President Saakashvili's second term .

Sinaida Bestayeva is married and has two children. She speaks Russian and Ossetian .

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