Sisi (Belu)

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Sisi A (Lesser Sunda Islands)
Sisi A
Sisi A
Location in East Nusa Tenggara

Sisi is a place in the administrative district ( Kabupaten ) Belu in the Indonesian West Timor . It is divided into Sisi A and Sisi B, 0.3 miles to the west.


After a war against the Portuguese , the empire of Sisi joined together with Maudemi in the alliance Uma Tolu ( "Three Houses" ) of the empires Fatumean , Lookeu and Dakolo and founded the alliance Koba Lima . A " Koba " is a basket that is used for ritual acts and "lima", the word for "five". By corruption, "Koba" later became the Portuguese "Cova", which means "pit". Through the colonial demarcation, with the Treaty of Lisbon , between the Netherlands and Portugal, Sisi, Maudemi and half of Lookeus came to what is now Indonesian West Timor, while the rest of Lookeu, Fatumean and Dakolo are now part of the East Timorese municipality of Cova Lima . Ties across the border still exist today.

Individual evidence

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Coordinates: 9 ° 8 ′  S , 125 ° 6 ′  E