Société Centrale Canine

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Société Centrale Canine
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purpose Umbrella organization of cynological associations in France
Chair: Christian Eymar-Dauphin
Establishment date: 1881
Seat : Paris

The Société Centrale Canine (SCC) is the French national umbrella organization for dog breeding within the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI). It regulates dog breeding and dog sports within the scope of its responsibilities . Its full name is Société centrale canine pour l'amélioration des races de chiens en France ( French for central association for the improvement of dog breeds in France ). Its members are regional cynological associations and specialized breed clubs. On behalf of the French state, it maintains the national stud book for all FCI and SCC breeds bred in France Livre des Origines Français (LOF) and independently a database of all dogs registered in France via the legal animal identification .

Within the FCI, the SCC is responsible for the standards of the French dog breeds. At national level, it also recognizes the Briquet de Provence and the Cursinu .


  • 1881: Foundation in Paris
  • 1885: First registration of dogs in the LOF.
  • 1910: The SCC becomes a founding member of the FCI.
  • 1914: Recognition as a non-profit organization ( établissement d'utilité publique ).
  • 1952: Profound changes to the statutes.
  • 1957: State recognition of the LOF as the official stud book for French dog breeding.
  • 1971: State mandate to the SCC to set up an animal identification database for all dogs registered in France.

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