Solar technology

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BP solar module on a motorway bridge
Solar thermal power plant in the California desert

Solar technology is the utilization of solar radiation from the sun by means of technical aids and equipment.

The solar radiation can be converted into heat (e.g. process heat ) or into electrical energy . The primary energy source "sun" can be used free of charge. There are only costs for the installation and maintenance of the systems. With the constant technical progress, solar technology is becoming more and more effective nowadays, both in terms of its properties and costs, so that it is used in more and more areas and can compete with the technologies previously used. It also benefits from the rising costs of non-regenerative energy sources.

Since the energy supply of the sun is subject to daily and seasonal fluctuations, the storage of energy is an indispensable part of solar technology.

Decentralized use of solar energy

Large-scale use of solar energy

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