Sophie Elisabeth of Anhalt-Dessau

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Princess Sophie Elisabeth of Anhalt-Dessau (1589–1622)

Sophie Elisabeth von Anhalt-Dessau (born February 10, 1589 in Dessau ; † February 9, 1622 in Liegnitz ) was a princess of Anhalt-Dessau , last abbess of the Gernrode monastery and by marriage Duchess of Liegnitz .


Sophie Elisabeth was the eldest daughter of Prince Johann Georg I of Anhalt-Dessau (1567–1618) from his first marriage to Dorothea (1561–1594), daughter of Count Johann Albrecht VI. from Mansfeld in Arnstein .

She married her cousin Duke Georg Rudolf von Liegnitz (1595–1653) in Dessau on November 4, 1614 . A book was specially written about the solemn procession of the splendidly celebrated wedding. Through the connection with the artistically active princess, the Duke's library was enriched by numerous volumes of French and Italian works. The writer Martin Opitz wrote some poems about the Duchess. Sophie Elisabeth, described as learned and virtuous, had considerable religious influence on her husband, who converted to the Reformed faith at the instigation of his wife . Sophie Elisabeth died without leaving any children.


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