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Agents also Player's agent or player agent is, regulations Agents of the World Football Association after the relevant FIFA who regularly paid player with a club in support of an employment contract or two clubs together lead to the creation of a transfer agreement.

Players' agents have been active worldwide since the development of professional sport made high salaries and high transfer fees possible. Sports include American football , golf , baseball , basketball, and soccer . In Germany some 500 consultants and agents were employed in 2014, up to 15 percent of an annual salary received by a player as commission. In addition to the mere mediation, players' agents sometimes also take on other advisory tasks such as helping with the search for accommodation, they recommend tax advisors and possible advertising partners.


A player agent license issued by a member association of the world football association FIFA is required to act as a player's agent. Applicants who have been resident in Germany for at least two years , EU / EEA citizens residing in Germany (regardless of the length of time) and Germans who have not yet lived abroad for two years can apply for the license at the DFB . The player agent license authorizes the license holder to identify himself as a player agent licensed by the respective national association, in Germany as a "player agent licensed by the DFB".

The prerequisite for the acquisition of a license is the conclusion of a professional liability insurance, a certificate of good conduct without entries and the passing of a theoretical examination. In addition, a one-time fee of € 5,000 has to be paid to the DFB, which has not yet been charged. So anyone who previously applied for the license and met the requirements was licensed without paying this amount.

The theoretical player agent exam has questions from the entire set of rules of FIFA, the DFB and the league association and takes place twice a year worldwide at the end of March and the end of September. You can apply via the DFB homepage, the fee for the exam is € 250. Each applicant is responsible for the preparation, therefore and because of the extensive examination material, up to 90 percent of the candidates regularly fail the examination.

Repeat examinations are possible, but a one-year blocking period comes into force after the second failed attempt, and a two-year blocking period for another failed attempt. For a short time, courses that prepare the examination material have also been offered in Germany to prepare for the players' agent examination. Lawyers , siblings, spouses and parents of a player do not need a license . Nicolas Heidtke showed in his Göttingen dissertation (with Arnd Krüger ) that agencies that offer players a complete package of mediation, contract advice and investment are the most successful. The kicker revealed in issue 86 of October 25, 2010 that you can buy the solutions to the examination questions in advance for 2000 euros. In other sports, the system is not nearly as internationally oriented. The player agency is a special form of employment agency, so that it collides with the rules for employment agencies of the state and private employment agencies .


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