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Shopping trolley with toys in a US toy store

Toys are handcrafted or industrially developed and manufactured toys and games means or games ( board games , skill games , computer games , board games , game instructions, fixtures, etc., as well as games accessories), which for the trade are determined.

The economic importance of the toy industry in the developing information and leisure society is steadily increasing. Toys are an important economic factor, particularly in the external economic relations with export- oriented emerging markets play a major role. Quality controls are more and more essential for imports from such countries, because in 2007, for example, there were a large number of product recalls for toys produced in the People's Republic of China (recalls by Mattel of toys with too high a lead content in the paint).

Toy market in Germany

year Sales in million euros
2012 (preliminary) 2,722
2011 2,638
2010 2,498
2009 2,385
2008 2,291
2007 2.234
2006 2,218
2005 2,270
2004 2,342
2003 2,404
2002 2,387
2001 2,445
2000 2,457
Main product group Share of 2010 sales
Toddler, preschool 18%
Games, puzzles 16%
vehicles 15%
Construction sets 13%
Outdoor toys 9%
Dolls 8th %
Handicrafts, drawing, needlework 4%
plush 4%
Action figures 2%
Learning, experimenting, music 2%
Other toys 8th %

Source: NPD Group , Eurotoys consumer panel

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