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A language group can mean both a group of languages ​​and a speaker group within the population.

Group of languages

As a language group in the are linguistics all languages combined, which have a significant number of systematic matches. There are two types:

Speaker group

In addition, language group in common usage also refers to the totality of members of a certain language. This term is also of administrative and political importance in some countries . In Switzerland , for example, a distinction is made between French , Italian , German and Rhaeto-Romanic language groups. Similarly, a distinction is made in South Tyrol between German, Italian and Ladin language groups. Since a proportional system according to language groups is used when filling public offices , there is a so-called language group declaration in South Tyrol , in which every citizen can declare his or her membership free of obligations or examinations. In Belgium , on the other hand, the term (linguistic) community is used in a similar sense, derived from the language community .


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