Stéphane Mallat

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Stéphane Mallat

Stéphane Georges Mallat (* 1962 ) is a French electrical engineer and mathematician who made important contributions to the wavelet transformation.

Mallat studied at the École polytechnique (graduation 1984) and at the École nationale supérieure de Telecommunications (graduation 1985) in Paris. In 1988 he received his PhD in electrical engineering from the University of Pennsylvania with Ruzena Bajcsy (Multiresoluton representations and wavelets). From 1988 he was an Assistant Professor at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences of New York University , where he is now a professor. He is also a professor at the École Polytechnique.

Mallat and Yves Meyer developed the multiscale approximation (MSA) or multiresolution analysis (MRA) of wavelets in the late 1980s, which made them usable for engineering applications, for example in signal processing, and which is behind the fast wavelet transformation (FWT). With Sifen Zhong he developed a wavelet method in image processing (Wavelet Transform Modulus Maxima Method), and he also developed wavelet applications in computer graphics. He also wrote a popular textbook on wavelets.

In 1998 he gave a plenary lecture at the International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM) in Berlin (Applied Mathematics meets Signal Processing). In 2017 he was elected to the National Academy of Engineering . From 1993 to 1995 he was a Sloan Research Fellow .


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