St. Peter and Paul (Bühl)

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St. Peter and Paul, on the right the new town hall with the tower of the former church

The neo-Gothic St. Peter and Paul Minster is the parish church of the city of Bühl . It is 60 m long, about 30 m wide and has about 650 seats. The tower is 63 m high and has a broken helmet , this has to crown a created stone finial . It is the largest church in the city of Bühl and the main church of the inner city parish.


The parish church or the minster of St. Peter and Paul was built by Karl Dernfeld from 1872 to 1877 in the neo-Gothic style, with a three-aisled main nave, a single-nave transept and a single-nave choir. It replaced the old church, built between 1514 and 1524, which had become too small and is now used by the city administration. The foundation stone of the new church was laid on August 17, 1873, and the inauguration on May 6, 1877. The building suffered severe damage during World War II. During the repair work from 1952 to 1958, the neo-Gothic furnishings and painting were removed.


Main portal

Above the pointed arch of the neo-Gothic main portal stands the image of the Virgin Mary as Porta Caeli (heavenly gate). The sculptural group in the tympanum was created by the sculptor Hans Baur .

Side portals

The two patrons of the parish church, Saints Peter and Paul, stand above the two neo-Gothic side portals of the minster .


The church windows were designed and redesigned in 1950 by Professor Albert Burkart . The basic idea of ​​the new church window is the revelation of God in the Old and New Testament. The basic idea of ​​the new church window is: I. In the choir of the church: The revelation of God in the Old and New Testament. In the two outermost windows of the choir: six individual representations from the Old Testament. Left window, below: Creation - the creation of man. Middle: Fall of Man in Paradise. Above: Expulsion from Paradise. Right window, below: Sacrifice of Melchizedech. Middle: Brazen serpent with healing of the sick. Above: Sacrifice of Isaac by Abraham.

Middle three choir windows (15): depictions from the New Testament. Left window, below: Annunciation. Middle: Annunciation of the birth of Christ by an angel to the shepherds. Above: Homage to the three wise men.

Middle window above the tabernacle: Below: Holy Communion. Middle: Christ's sacrifice on the cross. Above: Resurrection of Christ. Right window, below: The risen Christ gives Peter the supreme pastoral office. Middle: Ascension of Christ. Above: Mission of the Holy Spirit - Mary with the disciples.

Side chapels (5 and 6): Holy Mother Anna, praying with and for her child Maria. St. Joseph as a craftsman, working with the boy Jesus.


The church has two important organ works. An instrument with 48 registers built by Rieger in 1976 is used as the choir organ.

In the main gallery there is still the large 67-register historic black organ in a decommissioned, but completely original condition. This was once the largest Catholic church organ in Baden. This instrument is a listed building. To safeguard this cultural asset, a local support association was founded in 2008.


Five bells hang in the cathedral tower. These new bells date from 1950, they were cast by the Schilling company in Heidelberg . They were consecrated on March 26, 1950 and hung in the bell tower.

No. Surname Nominal Weight
1 St Peter b 0 3200 kg
2 St. Paul d 1 1350 kg
3 St. Joseph f 1 850 kg
4th Ave Maria g 1 600 kg
5 Guardian Angel b 1 350 kg

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