Triple jump

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When standing triple jump is called Triple Jump without start-up, that is from the state. He is like standing long jump and standing high jump to the stand jump competitions . In 1900 and 1904 this athletics discipline was Olympic .


The technique of the standing triple jump does not differ much from that of the ordinary triple jump. You start on the jumping board and swing both arms. With your arms behind your back, crouch slightly and jump, arms raised up. You land on one leg, then jump again and land on the other leg. Then you jump into the sand pit.

In addition to this technique, there is also a two-legged standing triple jump. This involves jumping three times with both legs to the sand pit.

Olympics and records

Even the ancient Greeks are said to have triple jump with weights.

Together with the other standing jumping competitions, standing triple jump became Olympic at the Games in Paris in 1900 . There the American Ray Ewry won with the world's best distance of 10.58 m. At the Olympic Games in St. Louis in 1904 , Ewry won again with 10.55 m.

year gold medal Silver medal Bronze medal
1900 Ray Ewry ( USA ) Irving Baxter (USA) Robert Garrett (USA)
1904 Ray Ewry (USA) Charles King (USA) Joseph Stadler (USA)

Stand triple jump was also popular in Germany, for example Otto Bäuerle broke the German record in 1909 with 9.51 m.

Stand triple jump today

Today the triple jump is practically no longer (officially) held. Now and then there is still it in youth festivals.

Well-known triple jumpers