Standing vault

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As a standing high jump is called High Jump without start-up, that is from the state. He is like the standing long jump and the standing triple jump to the stand jump competitions . From 1900 to 1912 this athletics discipline was Olympic .


Technique in standing vault

There are numerous techniques for standing vaulting. Most often, you stand in front of the bar at a certain distance, swing your arms, crouch slightly and jump. When jumping, one should raise one's legs and raise one's arms upwards.

This technique is widely used and is often learned first. The disadvantage, however, is that you can't jump very high.

For this reason, the standing high jumpers used a different technique at the Olympic Games. It is more efficient if you stand sideways to the crossbar. Then you get a lot of momentum with your arms and when your arms are behind your back, you squat slightly. Now jump over the bar by lifting your upper body in a vertical position and your legs in a horizontal position over the bar. First one leg should be lifted (horizontally) over the bar and then the second leg should be pulled along. The arms can be held up.

In addition to these techniques, there are many more, such as B. the jump with a somersault . A lot was taken over from the high jump . There is a variant with the straddle and the Fosbury flop .


Ewry at the standing vault in 1904

At the Olympic Games in Paris in 1900 the standing vault was Olympic for the first time. American Ray Ewry won the world record of 1.655 m . At the games in 1904 in St. Louis (1.60 m), 1906 in Athens (1.56 m) and 1908 in London (1.575 m) Ewry also won gold. The last Olympic competition at the 1912 Games in Stockholm was won by the American Platt Adams with 1.63 m.

Olympic Games medalist

year gold medal Silver medal Bronze medal
1900 Ray Ewry ( USA ) Irving Baxter (USA) Lewis Sheldon (USA)
1904 Ray Ewry (USA) Joseph Stadler (USA) Lawson Robertson (USA)
1906 Ray Ewry (USA) Léon Dupont ( BEL )
Lawson Robertson (USA)
Martin Sheridan (USA)
1908 Ray Ewry (USA) John Biller (USA)
Kostas Tsiklitiras ( GRE )
1912 Platt Adams (USA) Ben Adams (USA) Kostas Tsiklitiras (GRE)


In 1888 an unofficial world record of 1.475 m was set for the first time. Ray Ewry set the first official world record in 1896 with 1.613 m. On July 16, 1900, at the Olympic Games, he broke his own record with 1.655 m. In 1936 Harold Osborn set the last world record in standing vault with 1.68 m (5 feet and 6 inches). It has never been broken because standing vault competitions are no longer officially held.

Other well-known standing high jumpers

Stand vault today

Today the standing vault is only held at unofficial (non-professional) events.

Bicycle high jump

The jump with and including the bike from a standing (on the (rear) wheel) over a bar is a modern variant of jumping from a standing position. Typically, these bikes have wide tires with little air pressure. With the 20 " trial two-wheeler , 1.42 m was achieved in 2013, and 1.32 m with the unicycle in 2013.