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Headlamp with elastic band
Helmet with headlamp for caving

A headlamp is a mobile, mains-independent light source similar to a flashlight , which is attached to the head. The user thus keeps his hands free and constantly illuminates his field of vision. Head torches are mainly used in the leisure sector, lamps with a similar purpose in the professional sector are called head torches .


The headlamp is attached to the head with a headband or to a protective helmet with a holder .

Carbide lamps continue to be used, especially in cave exploration , as they enable all-round lighting. Modern LED technologies, however, are on the advance and now also offer good all-round lighting.

With first aid and self and companion help at night , the headlamp with white or blue light is used to illuminate the accident spot on the patient without significantly impairing the first aider's ability to see. When trekking or in military use , it is used with red light for orientation according to the topographic map at night.


Today, LEDs are mainly used as light sources, which have practically replaced the halogen lamps that were common in the past . LED technology is more economical in terms of power consumption, which reduces weight and increases the lighting time. The light range of modern headlamps is more than 100 meters with a luminous flux of 300 lumens .

The common compact models differ not only in the range and power, but also in the availability of different modes. Some models can be dimmed as required, for example not to dazzle when reading or to only provide soft light in the tent . Good dimmability also extends the battery life. An integrated flashing mode can save lives, especially on trekking tours , climbing and other outdoor activities. It increases visibility enormously and is used in emergencies. In the meantime there are also headlamps with selectable red light. This ensures that the user's pupils do not close and that night vision is maintained when the light is switched off again.

Most commercially available headlamps are operated with Mignon or Micro cells. Headlamps with a higher luminosity, however, usually use Li-ion batteries to ensure a longer burn time while still being light. In order to reduce the weight on the head or not to lose power in the cold, there are headlamps with external battery housings that are worn on the body and connected to the head piece with a cable.

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