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Three mignon cells

Mignon , mignon cell , AA , AA cell or IEC size R6 are common names for a standardized, widespread size of a battery cell . The name Mignon comes from French and means “cute” there. These are cylindrical round cells with a diameter of 13.5 mm to 14.5 mm and a height of 49.2 mm to 50.5 mm. Only the two maximum values ​​are mentioned in the IEC standard. This results in a volume of approximately 7.5 cm³ to 8.0 cm³.

Mignon cells are produced with different electrochemical systems, which can differ significantly in nominal voltage , capacity and load capacity. The capacities of AA batteries are in the range of approx. 0.8  Ah to 3 Ah. B. 1.9 Ah to 2.5 Ah. Depending on the system, other, often manufacturer-specific terms are used for non-rechargeable and rechargeable mignon cells.

Due to the low cell voltage of usually 1.2  V to 1.5 V, several cells are usually interconnected to form a battery in devices.

AA batteries are primarily used in small, often portable, electrical and electronic devices. Examples are Cordless phones , cameras , toys , electronic flash units , flashlights , bicycle lamps , electronic alarm clock and remote controls . Although the electrical capacity of mignon cells is rather unsatisfactory for some applications, they are often used because they can be connected in series in a very space-saving manner to generate higher voltages, such as B. for microelectronics are necessary to generate. A 9-volt block is only more economical if a low electrical capacity is sufficient . The fact that Mignon batteries are available almost everywhere speaks in favor of their use.

Lithium-ion batteries are rarely offered individually, but mostly as a battery pack made up of several cells with integrated overcharge and discharge protection (protected). This prevents damage to the battery when discharging and charging.

Type overview

Nominal voltage
in (V)
IEC ANSI Other designation typ. capacity
in (Ah)
typ. energy
in (Wh)
Non-rechargeable mignon cells ( primary cells )
Alkali manganese 1.5 LR6 15A, 15AC AM3, AM-3, MN1500, MX1500, E91, X91, EN91, 4006, 4106, 4206, 4706, 4906 2.0 3.0
Zinc-carbon 1.5 0R6 15D, 15CD, 15D, 15F UM3, UM-3, 2006, 3006, BA-58 / U 1.2 1.8
Lithium iron sulfide 1.5 FR6 15LF L91 3.0 4.5
Nickel oxyhydroxide 1.7 ZR6 - NX1500
Rechargeable mignon cells ( secondary cells )
LSD nickel metal hydride 1.2 HR6 1.2H2 eneloop 2.0 2.4
Nickel metal hydride 1.2 HR6 1.2H2 NH15 2.5 3.0
Nickel-cadmium 1.2 KR6, KR157 / 51 1.2K2 CH15,5006 1.0 1.2
RAM cells 1.5 1.8 2.7
Lithium-ion 3.7 LS14500 14500 0.75 2.8
Nickel-zinc 1.6 1.5 2.4

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