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Work tension with ropes that are attached to the logs with chains. The log is the small movable cross bar to which the strands are attached

The strings connect the chassis to the harness of the horses via the chutes of the carriage and transfer the tensile load. With firm tension, the strands are connected directly to the car.

They are part of the dishes .

Both urban and rural tension include about 5 cm wide leather strands that are made from two layers of sturdy hide leather. Hide leather is obtained from the hide directly on the cow's spine. At this point the skin is particularly strong and thick. Rural tension (work tension) includes ropes that are attached to the logs with chains.

Plastic cords are also used in leisure driving because they are easy to care for and inexpensive.


If the horses kick and thereby contact one leg over the traces, so not walk between the strands, but have a leg outside the strings, this is a very dangerous situation for the wagon . This is where the phrase comes from: knocking off the strings .

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