Streptogrisin B

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other names

Pronase enzyme B, SGPB, Serine protease B

Existing structure data : PDB  1CSO , PDB  1CT0 , PDB  1CT2

Mass / length primary structure 299 amino acids , 30,554 Da
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Enzyme classification
EC, category

Streptogrisin B is an enzyme from Streptomyces griseus .


Streptogrisin B is a serine protease and is produced as a zymogen . Streptogrisin B hydrolyzes proteins into larger aliphatic or aromatic amino acids , similar to chymotrypsin . It has disulfide bridges . Streptogrisin B is secreted by Lysobacter enzymogenes , presumably to break down proteins in the environment as a digestive enzyme .

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