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A student community (also university community or student community ) is a Christian community that is specially open to students or other members of academic universities .

At most German university locations, such communities exist as institutions of the Catholic Church (KHG or KSG) or the respective Protestant regional church (ESG). Almost all of these congregations were originally called student congregations, but since the 1970s the Catholic congregations have mostly been renamed “ Hochschulgemeinde ” to make it clear that they are open to all university members. Where two Catholic parishes are in one place, the parish has mostly retained the title of student community (KSG) for the university of applied sciences . Like the Protestant congregations (ESG), these were later renamed, especially in West Germany, to the student congregation , with the intention of gender equality .

In Switzerland, the Catholic university communities are often called aki (see in particular Zurich and Bern). Aki stands for Catholic Academic House.

As a rule, student congregations are not independent church congregations in the sense of canon law , but formal institutions of the regional churches, church districts / deaneries or Catholic dioceses . Hence, they are called paragemeries . Some congregations have a distinctive congregation structure with differentiated bodies , others are more full-time institutions of their churches.

Muslim students also come together to form university communities at various locations .

Other Christian college groups

In addition to the student communities, there are other Christian university groups. Above all the student mission in Germany (SMD) with around 80 local groups, campus for Christ with 25 groups, students for Christ with 13 groups, navigators with 6 groups and 5 university Bible groups of the German Christian Technician Association . The student mission in Germany founded in 1949, like the Protestant student community, follows the tradition of the German Christian Student Union (DCSV), which was banned by the Nazis in 1938 .

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