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Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) is an international, student-sponsored, independent organization whose goal is to promote space exploration and space-related projects. This is done by imparting knowledge about space, space research and space travel , by supporting networking among interested students and by participating in relevant projects with the aim of arousing enthusiasm for space-related activities.

SEDS was founded in 1980 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Princeton and Yale Universities . The organization is divided into sub-associations ( chapters ) that work relatively independently of one another. Such chapters currently exist in India , Israel , Canada , Mexico , Nepal , Nigeria , the Philippines , Spain , the United Kingdom and the United States . In the sense of the above-mentioned aim to arouse enthusiasm for space-related activities, various chapters u. a. involved in the Yuri’s Night action day .

There are also several astronomical information collections on the SEDS web server, some of which are available in several language versions, namely:

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