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Typical German school timetable
Symbolized timetable for teachers in the staff room of a 10-class POS in the GDR; There is a tile with a symbol for each teacher. So everyone knows in which class he is deployed or has a substitute.

A schedule controls the time- shifted access to scarce resources.

For example, governs the school timetable to which appointments (mostly lesson called) is a teacher and school class to which subjects meet. Both the time of the teachers (because almost every teacher teaches several classes, and part-time teachers are not freely available) and that of the classes (because each class has several teachers) is short. In addition, the availability of the respective rooms (e.g. specialist rooms such as gym , music hall, chemistry hall, etc.) must be taken into account. There may also be other requirements, such as how the afternoon lessons should be distributed among the students.

Timetable problems can be formulated mathematically in the language of graph theory and represent a persistently difficult task for computer science .

A course system increases the difficulty . There are no classes, but students from one or more grades are grouped into courses that they can partially choose. The creator of the timetable must arrange the courses in such a way that the number of jumping lessons (free periods) for the students is minimized.

In the vocational school system , the pupils have part-time tuition, which is offered either on a few days per week or as a block of several weeks. The presence and absence of some students must be taken into account in the teachers' schedules.

The tabular representation of the subjects in their chronological scheme is also referred to as the timetable. Usually the time (start and end of a lesson) is shown in the first column , next to it the consecutive lessons on a daily basis. School timetables are mostly designed for repetition on a weekly basis and are usually valid for a six-month period.

Timetable software supports the planner and the students in the creation of timetables and substitution plans. If a teacher is absent or a room is otherwise occupied, a substitute (Austrian supplement ) must be planned. Modern software can put corresponding plans on the Internet .

The specification of which subject is taught how many hours per week in a certain grade of a certain school branch can be found in the lesson table .

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