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System software is the software that is not application software .

It is the entirety of all programs and files that control all processes during the operation of a computer. It establishes a connection to the hardware and controls the use of these resources, in particular by application software (or by the system calls made by this application software). It manages both internal and external hardware components and communicates with them. The system software includes operating systems and the system-related software. Programming tools are also included in the term in many definitions , although these are usually not required directly to run software.

System-related software are e.g. B. Utilities , database management tools and middleware . In systems without an operating system ( microcontroller , embedded systems ), on the other hand , the term system-related software is often used for all software.

Individual evidence

  1. Peter Stahlknecht , Ulrich Hasenkamp : Introduction to Business Information Systems . Revised and updated 10th edition. Springer , Berlin 2002, ISBN 3-540-41986-1 , pp. 68 : “The software is divided into application and system software. The most important component of the system software is the operating system. "


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