Database management tools

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Database administration tools belong to the area of system software and serve as utilities or IDE for the administration and processing of existing databases . Most of the time, the database manufacturers offer database management tools for their database systems. Database administration tools from third-party providers are usually more extensive and can offer connections to different database systems.


Different database administration tools offer different functions. Among other things, the following functions can be included:

  • Establishing a connection to the desired database
  • Connection to multiple databases
  • Querying tables
  • Graphic overview of the database structure with the option of viewing the values ​​it contains
  • Creation and modification of databases
  • Creating and changing tables
  • Creation and modification of procedures
  • Creating and changing triggers
  • Syntax highlighting when developing SQL statements
  • Auto-completion when developing SQL statements
  • Import and export options
  • ER diagram design

List of various database management tools

Administration tool Supported database systems
Aqua Data Studio Apache Derby , DB2 , MS SQL Server , MySQL , Oracle , PostgreSQL , Sybase , Teradata
EMS SQL Management Studio DB2 , Firebird , Interbase , MS SQL Server , MySQL , Oracle , PostgreSQL
IBExpert InterBase , Firebird
Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio MS SQL Server
Oracle SQL Developer Access , DB2 , MS SQL Server , MySQL , Oracle , Sybase , Teradata
Orbada Apache Derby , Firebird , Interbase , H2 , HSQLDB , MS SQL Server , MySQL , Oracle , PostgreSQL , SQLite
pgAdmin PostgreSQL , Postgres Plus , Greenplum , PostGIS
TOAD DB2 , MySQL , Oracle , MS SQL Server
Database Studio MaxDB |
IBM Data Studio DB2