Tahe (Great Hinggan Mountains)

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Location of Tahe County (pink) in the Great Hinggan Mountains Administrative Region

Tahe County ( Chinese  塔河 县 , Pinyin Tǎhé Xiàn ) belongs to the administrative area of ​​the Great Hinggan Mountains administrative district in the north of the Chinese province of Heilongjiang . Its main town is the large community Tahe (塔 河镇). It has an area of ​​14,420 km². In 1999 it had 106,732 inhabitants.

Administrative structure

At the community level, the district is made up of four large communities and three communities. These are:

  • Tahe Municipality (塔 河镇), seat of the district government;
  • Greater community Pangu (盘古镇);
  • Greater community Walagan (瓦拉干镇);
  • Greater community Xiufeng (秀峰镇);
  • Community Kaikukang (开库康乡);
  • Community Shibazhan the Oroqen (十八站鄂伦春民族乡);
  • Yixiken municipality (依 西肯 乡).

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Individual evidence

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Coordinates: 52 ° 45 '  N , 124 ° 34'  E