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Talesch (Iran)
Basic data
Country: IranIran Iran
Province : Gilan
Coordinates : 37 ° 48 '  N , 48 ° 54'  E Coordinates: 37 ° 48 '  N , 48 ° 54'  E
Residents : 40,000 (2004)
Time zone : UTC +3: 30

Talesch , Talysch or Talisch ( Persian تالش; formerly Hashtpar ) is one of the largest cities in the northern part of the Iranian province of Gilân with almost 40,000 inhabitants (2004) .

The population is made up of several language and ethnic groups, partly due to the high level of immigration from the poor mountain regions of Azerbaijan to the east . The original language, the so-called Taleschi , is now only spoken by a minority. The language most commonly used today is Azeri , a Turkish dialect from Azerbaijan that is widespread in northern Iran.

Talesch also owes much of the rapid urban development to strong immigration. The fact that the city is only 65 years old hardly suggests its importance and appearance today. Much older, however, are archaeological finds that point to a history of up to 6,000 years. The excavation sites are in the Taleschi Mountains, which are also included in the Talesch region, in which the city of Talesch is also located.

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