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A tall bike is an alternative form of the high bike . This design originated in the 19th century. It was used to light street lamps using gas. In 2001 the auction house Sotheby’s auctioned a Giraffe Lamplighters Bicycle built in 1898 for US $ 24,000.

Nowadays tall bikes are mainly used by bike clubs and self-help bike shops , e.g. B. Bikekitchens , built for fun. To do this, two bicycle frames are placed on top of each other and welded, and the forks of both bikes are connected. In addition, other arbitrary designs are possible, there are (almost) no limits to the imagination. Most types of bicycles are also available as tall bikes.

Everyday use

The use of the public traffic area with tall bikes is permitted as long as the regulations for a roadworthy bicycle according to §§ 64a, 65, paragraph 1 and 67 of the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO) are complied with.

Driving characteristics

The ascent and descent is similar to that of a horse from the side. The pedal in the lower position has the stirrup function. The hands come to the handlebars, the left foot is placed on the pedal. The tall bike has to roll, however, because steering movements can compensate for tilting. Before starting the ascent, you bring it in motion with one or two steps. The descent should take place shortly before or directly to a standstill.

While driving, the tall bike is more stable than a conventional bike. Even at extremely slow speeds, there is only a slight tendency to tip over. The reason for this is the moment of inertia. A broomstick is z. B. on the fingertip much easier to balance than a pencil, a standing long stick tilts more slowly than a short stick.


With the “standard” tall bike, two bicycle frames are welded together.

It is also possible to build a tall bike with just one frame. To do this, a gooseneck women's frame is turned upside down (bottom bracket now on top), fork and handlebars swapped accordingly and then the seat tube and stem are extended upwards.

With tall bikes, the seat tubes inclined backwards in connection with the elevation caused by the second frame shifts the center of gravity to the rear. Steep seat tube angles on the bikes used plus a long rear section of the lower frame are therefore ideal. The rear-heaviness can otherwise be reduced by using a smaller front wheel or by extending the rear of the bike.

Bicycles with a wheelbase extension are particularly suitable as travel bikes. The height of a tall bike creates free space for additional luggage racks.

In addition to the use of standard frames, your own individual frame constructions are possible. They require a little more manual skills and knowledge of statics . They are particularly useful for tall tall bikes in order to be able to determine the weight distribution independently of given geometries.

Series production

The Dutch company "De Fietsfabriek" had a tall bike model "Hoge Fiets" in its range, which in 2013 was only available as a remaining stock in a Dutch bicycle market. The frame of aluminum is reminiscent of a pentagon . The Danish company "Batak" sells a model "Tall Bike" as a promotional bike with a square top frame, which is best suited for a poster.


Terry Goertzen from Canada rode a 5.55 meter tall tall bike over a distance of 300 meters on June 26, 2004.

The “SkyCycle” tall bike by Canadian Brad Graham was included in the Guinness Book of World Records in 2005 as the largest wheeled tall bike with a handlebar height of around 4.35 meters (14 ft , 3 in ).

A record attempt by the American Michael Mooney in 2008 with a 13.5 meter tall tall bike (and a rope safety device from a crane) failed after a fall, injury and damage to the frame.

The Cuban Felix Guirola built and rode a 5.60 meter tall tall bike in 2012. He even plans to build a 12 meter tall tall bike.

In September 2013, the Frenchman Robin Zobel rode a distance of 110.08 meters on a 6.29 meter tall tall bike (saddle height) in Liège. He was secured to a crane with a rope.

In 2013, a 4.42 meter tall tall bike (saddle height) named Stoopidtall was built in Los Angeles . It was successfully driven, but not requested as a record. The builder Richie Trimble has built another 6.16 meter tall tall bike (handlebar height ) called the Stoopidtaller . On December 26, 2013, he rode more than 100 meters and thus received an entry in the Guinness Book of Records for the highest rideable tall bike.

Tallbike Jousting

Tallbike Jousting is a competition in lancing on the tallbike. The lances are mostly made from PVC pipes and padded with foam at the tip. In 2004 a world championship tournament took place in Vondelpark in Amsterdam , won by Ryan Doyle from the Black Label Bike Club in the USA. The “official tall bike jousting champion of the world” also developed the iOS computer game Tall Bike Joust .

In Vienna there was the first Tallbike Jousting on June 30th 2007 on the occasion of the summer house festival in the EKH and the next one was announced for September 21st.

Hans-Erich Dechant from the WUK in Vienna reported on a tall bike driver who was seen at the carnival in Neuberg an der Mürz around 1977/82 and was in charge of a tall bike construction workshop in the Graz bicycle kitchen in October 2007 . On June 14, 2008 a jousting in the Augarten was announced in Graz. One took place on October 31, 2008 in the evening after the CM trip in Augarten; In the final in front of 50 spectators, two knights from the Czech Republic competed against each other, Tomaschek won. A competition on June 28, 2013 was won there by a Mr. Emil. In Graz, Tallbike Jousting is run by a bike messenger scene in addition to bike polo , old building criterion and alley cat. ARGUS sees its origins in the US bike messenger community. On May 30, 2014, tall bike riders kicked each other off their bikes in the Graz city park on the Passamtswiese. 3 m long PVC electrical installation pipes with a diameter of 50 mm and thickly padded with foam at one end serve as lances. The opponents usually wear full-face helmets from the downhill or motorcycle area, they are helped to drive off on the meadow, occasionally a rope or belt lying on the ground marks the longitudinal center line that neither of the two should cross when approaching.

Joustings are sometimes also ridden with mini-bikes, i.e. bikes with smaller wheels on grass. This is another way of keeping the driving speed - one-handed - and thus the risk of injury within limits.

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