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Tarzan Toma , actually Toma Valcis (also Tamer Balcı , born February 12, 1917 on Heybeliada ; † April 10, 1993 ), was a Turkish athlete and actor of Greek origin. The nickname Tarzan Toma ("Toma, the Tarzan") he received in 1952 through his leading role in the Turkish Tarzan film adaptation Tarzan İstanbul'da ("Tarzan in Istanbul ").


His father was the trader Manol Balcı. Toma passed the Yüksek Kaldırım Lisesi Greek High School with difficulty. With a height of about 1.90 m, he was a model athlete. He was a beau , swam, sailed and rowed. He won the island rowing competition several times in the early 1930s. İsmet Pascha personally awarded him a medal for this. On April 20, 1940, he set the Turkish record in hammer throwing with 34.86 m .

During his three years of military service, he was considered "pre-loaded" because of his Greek origins. It was the time of the Turkishization of minorities and the nationalization of their property (cf. Varlık Vergisi ). In the military, Toma took hammer throwing seriously. He should break the Turkish record several times and won numerous competitions. In 1950, after his return from a competition in Pakistan, 40,000 people gave him an enthusiastic welcome. He achieved the greatest distance in hammer throw in Athens in 1951 with 52.13 m. He was called Millî Atlet , "National Athlete". In hammer throw he was 15 times Turkish champion.

While she was still serving in the military , Toma received a first offer for the lead role in a film adaptation of Ince Mehmet by Faruk Kenç . However, due to military service, he had to refuse. He got his first role in 1951 as a double while filming The Cicero Case . This film brought him into contact with Yeşilçam for the first time . Later he was supposed to double Errol Flynn as well. His most famous role was tailored to his body. It was the main role as Tarzan in Tarzan İstanbul'da . Tarzan has all sorts of adventures in this and finally comes to Istanbul. There were two problems with the film, however. The first problem was his Greek identity, which was believed not to be expected of the audience. Hence he was called Tamer Balcı. The second problem was his abundance of body hair. For hair removal, he had to undergo the Agda procedure for 1.5 months , which earned him good-natured ridicule from his friends.


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  • 1952: Çakırcalı Mehmet Efe'nin Definesi
  • 1953: Köroğlu -Türkan Sultan
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  • 1967: Aslan Yürekli Kabadayı
  • 1970: Şampiyon
  • 1972: Kader Yolcuları
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