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Animal pass of the association (2016)

The animal welfare organization TASSO - Central Pet Register for the Federal Republic of Germany , operates Europe's largest pet register based in Sulzbach (Taunus) . The association that operates the register claims to be financed exclusively through donations. Legally, Tasso is a registered association that is not recognized as charitable for tax purposes .

In addition to Findefix , the Federal Veterinary Association names Tasso's animal register as a possibility for pet owners to register their animals free of charge in order to identify them and to be able to find the owner.

Animal registration

Reading the transponder on a dog

The individual marking of a pet by a veterinarian, e.g. B. through the implantation of an animal transponder or through a tattoo, enables an escaped animal to be identified later with a certain degree of certainty (or in the case of a tattoo, which is usually ambiguous due to the lack of binding national standards). However, the transponder does not contain any other data beyond the number (such as the name and address of the owner), so that these must be recorded and stored in other ways together with the transponder number in order to be able to convey an animal back to its owner. The pet owner in Germany must arrange for the data to be registered and recorded in a pet register himself.

Every animal owner can register his animal free of charge with the association, stating the type, breed, age, description and name of the animal as well as the ISO transponder number and / or tattoo number and contact details. This can also be done over the Internet.


In the event of loss, various free services from Tasso can be used to return the animal. Search reports for lost pets are published on the association's homepage. For animals that have escaped for a long time, Tasso provides free search posters with photos of the animals, which, if necessary, can also be posted free of charge to animal welfare associations, veterinarians and pet shops in the vicinity of the place where the animal was lost.

Legal meaning in Germany

Even if the animal register is referred to as the central pet register, it does not fulfill the function of the central register according to § 16 of the Lower Saxony law on keeping dogs. The maintenance of this register is the responsibility of the relevant ministry or a state authority commissioned by it. A registration with Tasso does not fulfill the dog owner's obligation to notify according to § 6 NHundG.

In Hesse, too, there are plans for a central register under the responsibility of the state in connection with the planned revision of the dog law. Registering with Tasso would not be a substitute here either. In a statement on the corresponding draft law, the Federal Association of Practicing Veterinarians pointed out that the keeping of the register of one of the two large animal databases in Germany, Tasso or Findefix , should be transferred, since only one nationwide database ensures the return of escaped animals and one that is bound to the federal state Registration could not achieve that. Tasso also expressed himself accordingly in his statement.

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