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Texts on art

Area of ​​Expertise German art magazine
publishing company Publishing Texts for Art (Germany)
Headquarters Berlin
First edition September 1990
Frequency of publication Quarterly
Sold edition 5000 copies
Editor-in-chief Katharina's house shop
Editor Isabelle Graw
Manager Isabelle Graw
Web link www.textezurkunst.de
Article archive www.textezurkunst.de
ISSN (print)

Texts for Art ( TZK ) is a German art magazine.

Texts on Art was founded in Cologne in 1990 and has been published in Berlin since 2000. The magazine appears quarterly in a 5000 edition. The magazine was founded by Isabelle Graw , who has been the magazine's sole publisher and managing director since the death of co-founder Stefan Germer in 1998.


The publication Texts on Art in a relatively small format of 166 × 230 mm and a volume of around 300 pages publishes high-quality articles on contemporary art and culture. The editions, each published under a thematic title, contain German and English-language essays, interviews, roundtables and discussions in which current art, film and music, but also fashion and design, revolve around the graduates of the Städelschule in Frankfurt am Main are discussed . In fundamental essays, questions of art history and topics relating to socio-political theory and cultural policy are discussed and linked to the Städelschule. The thematic focus of texts on art lies in the areas of institutional criticism , feminism , media criticism and subjectivity theory .

Art editions

With each issue, Texte zur Kunst offers special art editions of works by contemporary artists, which can be obtained directly from the magazine.

editorial staff

The editorial team consists of Katharina Hausladen (ViSdP) and Nadja Abt. The magazine's editorial advisory board includes: Sven Beckstette, Sabeth Buchmann , Diedrich Diederichsen , Helmut Draxler , Jutta Koether , Clemens Krümmel, Susanne Leeb , Dirk von Lowtzow , Hanna Magauer, Juliane Rebentisch , André Rottmann, Beate Söntgen , Kerstin Stakemeier, Mirjam Thomann, Brigitte Weingart.


In 2010, all artist editions of the magazine from the previous 20 years were shown in the Berlin exhibition rooms of the Haubrok Collection .


  • First choice. 20 years of “Texts on Art”. 2 volumes. Philo Fine Arts, Hamburg 2011.

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