Thai ridgeback

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Thai ridgeback
Thai ridgeback
FCI Standard No. 338
  • Group 5: Spitz and primitive dogs
  • Section 7: Primordial Type - Dogs for Hunting Use
Origin :


Withers height:

Males: 56–61 cm
Bitches: 51–56 cm
(each ± ​​2.5 cm)

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The Thai Ridgeback is a dog breed recognized by the FCI ( FCI Group 5, Section 7, Standard No. 338 ) from Thailand .

Origin and history

The Thai Ridgeback comes from eastern Thailand, where the breed originated largely isolated from other breeds. The breed type was mentioned in Thai documents 350 years ago, according to a document with which the Japanese Kennel Club, as the leading section of the Asian Kennel Union, first applied for recognition of this breed in 1990. It is also stated there: “The dog was mainly kept in eastern Thailand for hunting, but also as a watchdog, it was the companion of the carters. Because there was poor transport in the eastern part [of the country], there was no interbreeding with other races ”.

The origin of the Asian dogs is believed to be on the island of Phu Quoc in the Gulf of Thailand. Whether there is a connection to the Rhodesian Ridgeback has not yet been proven. Dogs with ridge were also found elsewhere in Asia. The book "De Rhodesien Ridgeback in Nederland 1945 - 1991" shows a dog with a clear ridge on Bali , in Vietnam dogs with ridge-like hair swirls have been seen.


Thai Ridgebacks are up to 61 cm tall, short-haired dogs with smooth, soft, velvety fur. The shape of the ridge (hair grows opposite to the normal direction of hair growth on the back) is shaped by 8 ridge shapes. It is important to have an even distribution of vortices and a clean, evenly marked ridge. The Thai Ridgeback is next to the well-known Rhodesian Ridgeback the second dog breed with the Ridge. The coat color is red, black, blue and very light fawn, preferably red with a black mask. The triangular erect ears are medium-sized and set on the sides of the head. The tail , which is thick close to the back (at the base of the tail ) and thins towards the tip, is carried vertically upright with a slight curve.


The Thai Ridgeback is a sight hunter, attentive, fast and agile, very sure-footed in the most difficult terrain and has excellent jumping ability. Originally, the breed was used in addition to hunting as a guard dog and companion of the wagons. In the FCI breed standard , which describes the ideal image of the breed, the Thai Ridgeback is referred to as a loyal family dog.

Legal position

The Thai Ridgeback is listed on the list of potentially dangerous dog breeds in the Swiss canton of Geneva ; keeping is forbidden there.

Individual evidence

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