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The Ostrich was the first German punk - Fanzine . It was founded at the beginning of 1977 in Düsseldorf by Franz Bielmeier (later guitarist for Charley's Girls and lunch break ) and his school friend Ramon Luis.

On the one hand, the fanzine dealt with the newly emerging wave of punk that had just swept from Great Britain to Germany, with the surrounding music, and with the breaking of bourgeois morals. Inspired by the British punk fanzine Sniffin 'Glue and the crude humor of the satirical magazine MAD , the ostrich relied on shock elements such as reader abuse, provocative symbolism and ugly aesthetics. In addition to the aspiration to create something completely new and taboo-breaking, the aim was to find like-minded people through fanzine. In the early days, the ostrich played an important role in the burgeoning punk scene, both as a communication platform and inspiration for other punks, and as a kind of mouthpiece for the Düsseldorf scene around the Ratinger Hof . Among other things, the band Charley's Girls emerged from the Ostrich .

The Ostrich started in March 1977 with an edition of only 50 copies, but quickly increased to a circulation of 300 issues per issue. In total, the Ostrich came up with 11 issues that are difficult to find today. Staff members of the magazine included Peter Hein from Fehlfarben and Gabi Delgado from DAF .


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