Theodor I (Pope)

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Theodor I (* in the 6th or 7th century in Jerusalem ; † May 14, 649 in Rome ) was Pope from November 24, 642 until his death.

Theodore was the offspring of a Greek family, his father of the same name was the bishop of Jerusalem . As Pope, he particularly opposed monotheleticism . The exiled patriarch of Constantinople , Pyrrhos , was recognized by Theodore as a legitimate patriarch after he had also rejected monotheleticism. However, when Pyrrhus turned back to monotheletism after his return, Theodore imposed the anathema and the deposition on him. He did the same with Pyrrhus' successor Paulus II.

Theodor I sent Bishop Stephan von Dor to Palestine to mediate the breakdown of the church there. In the fight against monotheletism he prepared the Lateran Synod of 649, at which this teaching was to be condemned. However, he died before the beginning of the synod, which was presided over by his successor Martin I.

Theodors' mercy, generosity and gentleness are praised in the pope's biographies, as is his intransigence in the theological dispute with Constantinople. Theodor was buried near St. Peter .


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