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Thomas Alan Shippey, 2015

Thomas Alan Shippey (born September 9, 1943 in Calcutta , British India ), also "Tom Shippey", is a British Anglic and Scandinavian Medievalist . Shippey is Professor Emeritus of Old English Language and Literature in the English Department at Saint Louis University .


In addition to works on teaching and research on Old English literature , Shippey published in particular on the work of JRR Tolkien as well as on modern fantasy and science fiction . He is widely regarded as one of the leading Tolkien researchers.

Shippey's life and work often intersect with that of Tolkien; like him he went to King Edward's School in Birmingham and taught Old English at Oxford University . He also held Tolkien's former professor at Leeds University .

Under the pseudonym "Tom Allen" he wrote two stories that were published in anthologies by Peter Weston. First, the fantasy story King, Dragon in Andromeda 2 was published in 1977; then in 1978 the science fiction novella Not Absolute in Andromeda 3 .

Under the pseudonym "John Holm" he is also co-author (together with Harry Harrison ) of The Hammer and the Cross trilogy of novels from an alternative world history of the Middle Ages.

In 2000 he received the World Fantasy Award for JRR Tolkien: Author of the Century .

In 2009 he wrote a 21-page academic introduction to Flights of Eagles , a collection of the works of James Blish .

In addition to his self-written books, he also edited The Oxford Book of Science Fiction Stories and The Oxford Book of Fantasy Stories . In 2003 he was the editor of the journal Studies in Medievalism . He is also on the editorial board of Tolkien Studies: An Annual Scholarly Review .


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