Titular diocese of Ingila

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Ingila ( Latin Dioecesis Ingelina ) is a former diocese of the Roman Catholic Church and is now a titular diocese .

The episcopal seat was the ancient city of the same name, today's Eğil in the Ingilene region north of Amida (today's Diyarbakır ) in the Roman province of Mesopotamia in the eastern part of today's Turkey . The historical diocese was assigned to the ecclesiastical province of Amida.

Titular Bishops of Ingila
No. Surname Office from to
1 Severios Giuseppe Valakuzhyil Apostolic Administrator of Tiruvalla ( India ) August 29, 1938 July 25, 1950
2 André Jacques CICM Vicar Apostolic of Boma ( Belgian Congo ) December 23, 1950 November 10, 1959
3 Armand Coupel Bishop emeritus of Saint-Brieuc-Tréguier ( France ) January 19, 1961 June 7, 1966

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