Titular diocese of Mardin dei Siri

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Mardin dei Siri is a titular bishopric of the Catholic Church , which is awarded by the Pope to titular bishops from the Syrian Catholic Church united with Rome .

It goes back to a lost bishopric in the city of Mardin .

Titular Bishops of Mardin dei Siri
No. Surname Office from to
1 Denys Raboula Antoine Beylouni Auxiliary Bishop in Antioch ( Lebanon ) July 12, 1983 June 1, 1991
2 Gregorios Elias Tabé Auxiliary Bishop in Damascus ( Syria ) May 25, 1996 May 8, 1999
3 Denys Raboula Antoine Beylouni
Titular Archbishop pro hac vice
Archbishop Emeritus of Aleppo (Syria) September 16, 2000

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