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Thomas "Tom" D. Lord (* 27. July 1940 in Vancouver ) is a Canadian jazz - disco Graf .


Tom Lord began in Vancouver in 1992 with the publication of an extensive jazz discography, which is available in 34 volumes in 2007 (the original printed edition was completed in 2001 in 26 volumes of around 600 pages each) and is also released as an annually reissued CD-ROM ( you can also subscribe for online access to the database). It is based on older previous discographies such as those by Brian Rust , Jörgen Grunnet Jepsen , Walter Bruyninckx and Albert McCarthy , the archive of the Cadence magazine, information from collectors, etc. a. Lord used it to create an extensive database that he constantly updates. According to the company's own information, the discography lists 29,000 leaders (under whose names recordings were made), around 700,000 musicians (around 170,000 jazz musicians in the index) and over 180,000 sessions as well as a total of over 400,000 recordings ( CD , LP , 78 ). The earliest recorded recordings are from 1896. Lord takes all jazz genres into account. There are also some blues recordings and (in the opening volumes) music styles that do not actually belong to jazz, such as gospel and Cajun music .

Tom Lord's discography project is next to that of Erik Raben in Denmark, which Jepsen continues, and that of Bruyninckx in Belgium, the most extensive jazz discography project currently running.


  • The Jazz Discography . West Vancouver, Lord Music Reference, distributed by Cadence Jazz Books, Redwood New York, from 1992, 34 volumes to 2007, with 3 update volumes (volumes 32 to 34) and index volumes (volumes 29 to 31 Tune Index, volumes 27/28 Musicians index), a total of around 21,000 pages.

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