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The TorDACH (competence center for local severe weather in the DA-CH region) was a 1997 based network of more than 30 scientists from different disciplines and lay the information primarily to tornadoes , waterspouts and thunderstorms gusts ( down bursts ) in the countries of Germany, Austria and Switzerland collected. Hail , flash floods ( flash floods ), gustnado ( gustnadoes ), funnel cloud (a special form of funnel clouds ) and lightning were also of interest. The goal was a reliable and complete climatology of these local storms ( severe local storms ) in each of the three countries. TorDACH's partners included Skywarn .

The network's activities have been ongoing since the European Severe Storms Laboratory e. V. ( ESSL ) as a non-profit storm research institute declined in 2006, as the European severe weather database ESWD (European Severe Weather Database) operated by the ESSL has taken over the tasks of the TorDACH database at European level.

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