Trimming (dogs)

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Trimming (English for trimming , re-cutting ) refers to the plucking of hair from the fur with your fingers or with a trimming knife in connection with dogs .

Some dog breeds, especially terriers , with coarse coats, e.g. B. the Airedale terrier , fox terrier , cairn terrier , but also schnauzers and wire- haired dachshunds are trimmed. Through breeding , their fur was changed in such a way that it became more robust and water-repellent. The normal coat change no longer took place. So the animals could be used for hunting all year round . The dead outer hair is removed to avoid skin irritation and eczema and to stimulate fur growth. Loose undercoat , on the other hand, can simply be combed out. Trimming is carried out continuously every three to four months.