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Greeks at Kottabos , a drinking game that depends on skill

A drinking game is a playful component of drinking culture , in which the rules of the game stipulate that certain amounts of alcoholic beverages are to be consumed by certain players at certain times . Some drinking games also regulate who has to order or pay for these drinks (when playing in a restaurant ).

Drinking games can be dangerous because the peer pressure from the game encourages participants to drink alcohol in large quantities.


The oldest verifiable drinking game is already known in ancient Greece Kottabos had to be made in which, by skill, which subsided with increasing consumption of wine with a targeted momentum from the cup items.

Game types

Pachisi as a drinking game

Most drinking games have different names and slightly different rules locally and / or in different population groups, with the meaning and sequence of the games usually remaining similar.

Random drinking games

The candidate who has to pay for the next round or drink the next schnapps is determined by chance. Dice, tickets, playing cards or the numbers under the small liquor bottles can be used for this. Whoever has to pay the most - or who is the first to stop drinking - loses the game.


A candidate - usually a newcomer to a group - has to perform a specific ritual. This often consists of saying a saying which is accompanied by special gestures. If he makes a mistake, he has to drink a schnapps as a punishment and start over. To make matters worse, the candidate has to understand the exact course of the ritual through careful observation. If he makes a mistake, he will be stopped. The ritual is performed again, but without pointing out his mistake.

Games of skill

The aim is to complete a specific skill task. Each player in turn can try his luck. This task can consist of, for example, striking a glass a few meters away with a coin or throwing a pack of cigarettes so that it remains in a certain position. The next player in line must exceed the previous player's score. If he can't do this, he'll have to drink. Whoever reaches the goal can choose the next candidate who has to drink a schnapps. Another variant stipulates that everyone who misses this goal must drink. A popular game in this category is Beer Pong .

Sports games

Here, drinking alcohol is practiced as part of a sporting activity. The most famous game of this kind in German-speaking countries is the crate run , in which a team of two carries a crate of beer over a distance of several kilometers and has to drink all of the bottles before reaching the finish line. A variant in English-speaking countries, the beer mile (beer mile) in which participants run a mile and before each of the four rounds a can have to drink beer.

Truth / Dare games

In these games, the point is that the other players perform a certain task or have to answer a - mostly private or intimate - question. The best-known varieties are Truth or Dare or "I've never ...". People drink either when a teammate does not answer the question or does not want to complete the task. There are also many variations in games without "compulsory" tasks - for example, that every player has to drink who would answer the statement with a yes / no.


Circle of Death


In English, drinking games is understood to mean that category of games in which not a single winner but a single loser is determined who then has to pay the other players the next round of drinks. Many children's games, such as Schwarzer Peter , are likely to have their origin in such simple games of chance.

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