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Trix Haussmann-Högl (born November 6, 1933 in Chur ) is a Swiss architect, interior designer and designer. She is married to Robert Haussmann , together they are known as Robert & Trix Haussmann .


Trix Haussmann-Högl completed his architecture studies with Werner Max Moser and Jacques Schader at the ETH Zurich and took a postgraduate degree at the Federal Institute for Local, Regional and State Planning of the ETH in Zurich.

After marrying the architect Robert Haussmann in 1967, they founded their own office together, which since 1981 has been called the General Design Institute. They deal with drafting, industrial design and construction contracts.

Robert and Trix Haussmann became members of the Association of Swiss Architects BSA in 1982

Trix Haussmann was a lecturer at the ETH Zurich from 1997 to 2002 .


Since 1966 the couple has been working under the common name Robert & Trix Haussmann and as the company Die Allgemeine Designanstalt in Zurich.

During the joint creative years, furniture designs for various international companies and larger conversions were created.



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