Troop management

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The forces' administration of the German Federal Armed Forces took certain tasks of the Federal Defense Administration true, in peace and in use immediately in the armed forces incurred (military organizational areas of the Bundeswehr). From the division size and up, the tasks were carried out by the administration department.

The troop administration was not an independent department of the Bundeswehr administration, but organizationally incorporated as a sub-unit of the associated troop section and staffed with officials and employees . In addition, the accounting officers were technically subordinate to the troop administration. In the troop administration, work from almost all administrative areas of the Bundeswehr administration flowed together, such as household, cash and ancillary fees , labor , collective bargaining and social security law and catering .

On January 1, 2007, the troop administrations were merged with the former site administrations to form the new Bundeswehr service centers (BwDLZ). The former troop administration was seamlessly integrated into the four sub-areas of the BwDLZ; the largest part in the “finance” sub-area. For a short transition period, the Troop Management task area was renamed the Troop Service Area . From May / June 2007 the target structure of the Bundeswehr service centers was adopted, in which there was no longer any organizational or technical difference between troop and site administration.