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The Czech transcription of the Chinese ( Czech standardní česká transkripce čínštiny ) is a to the Czech alphabet ajar Romanized the standard Chinese . It was developed in 1951 by the Czech sinologist Oldřich Švarný . Although pinyin is registered with the International Organization for Standardization and thus recognized as an international standard, Švarný's romanization is preferred in the Czech Republic and Slovakia . The advantage of the latter for Czech and Slovak readers is that they get an idea of ​​the Chinese pronunciation without any special knowledge, while with pinyin you have to know which letter is assigned to which sound, since it is not based on any language.


The first draft for a comprehensive Czech transcription system for Chinese came from the Czech sinologist Jaroslav Průšek in 1938 and was based on Wade-Giles . Due to flaws, he revised it in 1950, but was dissatisfied with the result. So Průšek turned to the Department of History and Philology of the Far East at Charles University in Prague and met Oldřich Švarný there to devise a new system. The principles of the Russian Palladius transcription were also discussed, but these were only partially adopted. In 1951 the final version was completed, which was accepted by the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences .

Initial sounds

Pinyin Švarný
b p
p pch
m m
f f
d t
t tch
n n
l l
G k
k kch
H ch
j ť
q čch
x s
zh č
ch čch
sh š
r ž
z c
c cch
s s


The first column in each case shows how the final is written if it follows an initial, while the second column shows the entire syllable if there is no initial.

Pinyin Švarný Remarks
-a a -a a
-O O -O O
-e e -e e
-r he -r he
-i yi -i i
-i - ' only with zhi, chi, shi, ri, zi, ci, si
-u wu -u wu
-ai ai -aj aj
-egg egg -ej ej
-ao ao -ao ao
-ou ou -ou ou
-on on -on on
-en en -en en
-ang nec -ang nec
-closely closely -closely closely Weng in Pinyin remains weng with Švarný
-ong -ung
-ia ya -ia Yes
-iao yao -iao yeah
-ie ye -ie jie
-iu you -iou jou
-ian yan -ien those
-iang yang -iang ak
-in yin -in jin
-ing ying -ing jing
-iong yong -iung young
-ua wa -ua wa
-uo Where -uo Where
-uai wai -uaj waj
-ui know -uej wej
-uan wan -uan wan
-U.N whom -U.N whom
-uang wang -uang wang
-üe yue -üe jüe
-uan yuan -uan jüan
-un yun -un younger

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