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UTA is an abbreviation for:

Uta stands for:

  • Uta (given name) , a female given name
  • Side-blotched lizard (Utah), a genus belonging to the iguana-like Phrynosomatidae that colonize mainly sandy-rocky arid regions of North America
  • Uta (pear variety) , created from a cross between the Madame Verté and Bosc's bottle pear varieties at the Institute for Fruit Research Dresden-Pillnitz
  • Uta-Codex , also Uta-Evangelistar, evangelist of the 11th century
  • Uta (island) , an island in the northern Indonesian Moluccas
  • Uta (Sardinia) , an Italian municipality (comune) in the metropolitan city of Cagliari in Sardinia
  • Uta (South Africa) , a place in South Africa
  • Uta-Garuta (Japanese 歌 ガ ル タ or 歌 加 留 多, German "poem cards"), a Japanese card game (Karuta)
  • Uta publishing house for trivial literature
  • Uta von Naumburg , a benefactor in Naumburg Cathedral
  • Utamakura , literally “Uta pillow” in Japanese, a rhetorical concept of Japanese poetry
  • Waka (Japanese 和 歌 Japanese poem), more rarely also called Yamato-uta (大 和 歌), is a genre of Japanese poetry

Uta is the title of the following feature films and TV series:

  • Uta (1969) , American drama from 1969
  • Uta (1972) , Japanese drama movie directed by Akio Jissoji from 1972
  • Uta (2005) , American drama short film directed by Kim Spurlock from 2005
  • Uta (TV series) , twelve-part German TV series from 1983

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