Lungern bypass tunnel

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Lungern bypass tunnel
use Motorway tunnel
traffic connection A8
place Motorway tunnel
length 3570 m
Client Canton of Obwalden
building-costs CHF 265 million
start of building 2006
completion 2012
release December 10, 2012
Lungern bypass tunnel (canton Obwalden)
Red pog.svg
Red pog.svg
South portal 655001  /  180903
North portal 655856  /  183598

The Lungern bypass tunnel , also known as the Lungern tunnel , relieves the town of Lungern , located in the Swiss canton of Obwalden , of through traffic on the A8 motorway .


At the north end, a merger with the Giswil bypass tunnel to create a new system is being planned. A connection to the A8 motorway in Haslital with an approx. 3.5 km long Brünig summit tunnel is being discussed for the southern end .

The tunnel is the first in Switzerland to be equipped with LED lights throughout . The 450 or so lights are installed in the middle of the tunnel ceiling every eight meters. Approx. 100 lights in LED technology were also used for the entrance and exit lighting (adaptation lighting) on ​​the first 300 meters. Compared to a continuous light strip with fluorescent lamps , more than 50% of the energy consumption can be saved, which corresponds to around 0.7 million kWh or around CHF 100,000 per year for this tunnel. In terms of investment costs, the additional costs for the more expensive lamps offset each other with the lower costs for the simpler cabling and control. In addition to energy efficiency, the service life of the lamps and the good, even illumination of the tunnel are further advantages.

Long-term tests

The tunnel is also used for long-term tests for various room designs and their influence on the tunnel brightness. Sections with different combinations of dark or light ceiling and lane alternate. Measurements taken before the opening showed that the ceiling color has no influence on the tunnel brightness. The situation is different with the floor covering, where ordinary black rolled asphalt and lighter, roughly three times more expensive mastic asphalt were used. With black asphalt, it is sufficient if the LED lamps are dimmed to 50% of the maximum possible luminance during the day and to 20% at night. With light-colored flooring, even 20% of the power is sufficient during the day and 10% at night to achieve the required brightness in the tunnel. Over time, the black asphalt should become lighter and the light asphalt darker. The visibility of the white lane markings on the light-colored pavement is also in need of improvement.

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